Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seriously, Nugget??

So. I really shouldn't be surprised. Here's what we learned at our ultrasound today:

Nugget has a head. Nugget has 2 arms and 2 legs, 2 eye sockets. We briefly saw kidneys, spinal cord, bladder, and stomach. We did get a heartbeat reading, 145 bpm, which is good. We also got a very long glimpse of the brain. One time, Nugget looked straight at us. Also waved a little bit.

Here's what we DIDN'T learn:

Are any of Nugget's body parts doing what they're supposed to be doing? WHY did we zoom in on the brain for ten minutes (when our whole ultrasound was twenty minutes...)? Are the kidneys functioning? Is the heart pumping blood? Is Nugget a boy or a girl?

So. kinda frustrating. It was kinda weird. Our tech wouldn't tell us much. Like, I was in there for about 15 minutes, she poked and prodded, pointed out a few things. Then mostly just stopped at the brain and wouldn't talk. Then she had me go to the bathroom, she tried again for about 5 minutes and said, "Nope. I thought maybe if you relieved your bladder it would help. But it didn't. I can't get anything I need." I asked if, based off of what she DID see, everything looked ok so far. She said, "I couldn't see much." Um. Thanks. That's very helpful. I'm not worried at all.

I realize this is very common. I know tons of women are unable to see certain body parts, etc. It's just sort of unnerving to have no confirmation or indication that Nugget is alright. I just want to know if my baby is ok. I already spoke with my doctor; he'll call if the report he gets shows anything until then we wait. Our next ultrasound is in two weeks, and hopefully we'll have more news.

Funny how much more appropriate my last post now seems...

In the waiting, in the waiting, I learned to hold on to the Heart of God.


M. Mcgough said...

The boy did this too me too and my doctor was worried because my hormone levels were "So high" she thought I was more pregnant than I thought I was and that he was not developing "as well as he might be."
I strangely enough was not at all worried but was a little disappointed that he would not let us get a picture of his face or revel that he was a he to prove to The Husband that my intuition was correct. I'll be praying for a calmness of mind and a joy of spirit as you wait for your next appointment.

Heather Nicole said...

maybe this is just me, but in that senario I wish the tech would just say, "you know, everything I'm seeing looks fine, so don't worry. we may see sometime more or different in 2 weeks, but for now everything looks fine". I mean, it can't hurt to give you a false sense of security for two weeks instead of a false sense of anxiety for two weeks, right?

I'm proud of you for being so brave--even if you don't feel like it, you are being brave. I imagine tonight is very anticlimactic for you both, but I know like everything else in your life it will bring you closer together. and that is always a good thing. especially for Nugget.

Happy said...

I totally think your tech, pardon my french, sucked. What awful manner she had. Our recent ultrasound with Quatro the tech couldn't get a good view of the four chambers of the heart (even after poking and prodding Quatro to move and relieving my bladder...) and she said said that what she did see was fine and she wasn't concerned that we just needed to reschedule for a better look at the heart.

Sounds like your tech wasn't overly focused on her job because, how rude! And she should have given Nugget more than twenty minutes to cooperate.

He is just a baby, after all. (And by the way, after seeing the heartbeat, I totally think Nugget is a boy now...that and the not cooperating bit...)


Praying for peace of mind, calmness, patience, and all the things you need over the next couple weeks. May they go fast for you.

And thanks for posting so fast!