Monday, February 22, 2010

The One with All the Scheduling

So, I'm back to work. This is actually the start of my second week, and so far I am really enjoying it. I was SO nervous about going back and trying to balance work and mommy-hood and getting overwhelmed...but I am honestly loving it. I am totally and completely exhausted. But happy. I LOVE my coworkers so much--they are some of the funniest and most wonderful people I've ever met. They've truly made me look forward to every shift that I've worked and have made the hours fly by. I have a new boss, who I also think is phenomenal, and about a thousand times better than my old boss. Sammy has also been quite cooperative and has decided to sleep a lot more at night--including an EIGHT hour stretch last night. That's right. Eight hours. Then, he ate and slept for 4 more. Ohh, happy days. I love that little boy. I do miss him when I work, but it's so nice to come home to his smiley little face! And I like him more the more that he sleeps.

On that note, I would like to take a moment and toot the horn of BabyWise. I am fully aware that this is a somewhat controversial method, and I in no way am suggesting that this plan is good for all babies and all mommies--just tellin ya what worked for us!

I originally disliked the idea of scheduling my baby. It seemed kinda mean--like, if he wants to sleep, shouldn't he just be allowed to sleep? And if he feels like being awake, that's great, too! He'll figure it out.

Ha! Yeah, he figured it out all right. One night around 6 weeks, he was up almost the entire night, sleeping in chunks of less than an hour. The next day, I thought, "Forget this! I'm scheduling his little butt no matter what!" Basically, I thought, I'm bigger, stronger, and smarter than him. I should win this battle. So, scheduling we went. And it only took about 3 days before Sammy totally got his days and nights on track and began sleeping in larger chunks. He also is a much happier baby and enjoys his awake time a lot. I found that the schedule helped me know him better and figure out what he was looking for and how I could comfort him the best way.

I've pretty much become BabyWise' biggest fan. And so has my little well-rested baby boy :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The One With All the Snow. And Then More.

I am not a fan of winter. Let's just start right there. I'd be perfectly happy moving away from the 4 seasons to a place where there are only variations of warm, warmer, and hot. And, I'm not one of those people who complain about winter, and then also complain about summer. I love when it's 97 degrees and the sun is blaring down. I don't even complain about humidity most of the time. All that being said, I can appreciate a snowfall as much as the next person. It's very beautiful. It's got a magical quality about it, and I do like the way things slow down. I loved, loved, loved being snowed in with my hubby and my baby when 3 feet of snow fell a few days ago. We stocked up on enough food to feed an entire army of people, I started baking, we rented a pile of movies--the first night of the blizzard our friends even braved the elements to have dinner and watch a movie with us! It's fantastic. And ohhhh how I wish my snowy days blog post would end right there.

But no. Now, 10-20 (um, also, 10-20? Really? That's the best they can do? There's kind of a difference between 10 and 20) more inches are falling, and I am not pleased. I'm tired of all the cold, all the wetness that gets in my shoes, tired of all the moronic drivers.

However, I am keeping in mind that the snow I am cursing a little in my mind now also canceled my husband's trip to Atlanta, and that now I get to enjoy my last week of maternity leave with him!! I am very thankful for a few more days to snuggle up with my boys. After that, it summer??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The One With All the New Pants

So, today I went back to the gym for the first time since before I got put on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy. It's been nearly 3 months--the longest I've ever been away. And it was fabulous. Granted, probably not my best trip ever. I haven't shaved my legs since my 6 week post partum checkup (don't judge. I have a newborn, ok?), so I was wearing a pair of too-big sweatpants that tried to fall down while I ran. I was a little disoriented and lacking in decisiveness, so I wandered back and forth between machines wasting time a lot. And after about 25 minutes when I was tired, I just stopped and decided to come back home. But still--great trip.

I've been thinking lately though--having a baby was the absolute best thing that ever happened to my body image. If you'd asked me a year ago right before I got pregnant, I'd have told you I would be freaking out about the amount of weight I'd gain, about my hips spreading, about my abs disappearing and leaving behind stretch marks. But oddly enough, I am not. Being pregnant made me not care so much. In the past few years, I've had many a struggle with my body image. The way I've outwardly handled my [sometimes real, sometimes perceived] weight issues has sometimes been healthy; sometimes unhealthy. I've used disordered eating to drop pounds, and I've successfully and healthfully cut calories to lose a little excess. But I don't know if I could tell you a time in the past 4 years when inwardly my body image has been healthy or positive. So as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I got a little nervous. But as quickly as it came, it left. Now granted, first trimester I didn't have to think much about it, since I dropped a bunch of weight because of puking everything up. But once the pounds came, they came quickly. And for some reason, standing on the scale thinking "This is the lowest number I will see for the next few months" was incredibly freeing. So was the knowledge that I had no choice but to choose a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, because I was now responsible for growing another human being. When the first stretch marks popped up, I prepared myself for the inevitable freak out...and it never came. Nor did it come when 876 other stretch marks followed after that. (I am not kidding. The other day, Geoff says "Sometimes it kind of looks like your belly is on fire--it looks like there's flames everywhere!!" Don't worry--he wasn't being mean, and I wasn't offended at all. He was kidding, and it made me laugh, and he tells me every day how beautiful I am :))

I'm finding myself instead embracing the idea that my life is entirely consumed now with someone else besides myself. And that the time and energy I used to put into my attempts to lose weight or fix something is now put into the daily tasks that involve caring for my son. Life seems so much more meaningful. And, ironically, I feel much more beautiful. I'm not perfect--the first time I went shopping for new jeans, I left empty handed because I refused to buy jeans in my new size even though I found some that fit perfectly (you all know you've done it...) But, I am sitting here tonight typing in a pair of jeans 4 sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy jeans, and I don't care, so I finally bought them. The cute polka dot bikini I wore last summer will never see the light of day again, but you know what? Next time I go swimming, I'm going to be dragging a bag full of SPF 982, Little Swimmies, floating devices, beach toys, and toting along a little boy. And I'm his mom, and I might have the kangaroo pouch that he used to live in forever on my abdomen. But whatevs. He's totally worth it. And I totally have more important things to think about now. So now, I get to go to the gym to be healthy and for fun--not to meet a certain caloric burn. I'm excited to embrace the new stage of my life, and the freedom it brings. I need to purchase a lot of new clothes, but whatevs :) All part of the fun!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The One With the Non-New-Years Resolution

Sooo, I'm bad at blogging. I decided to make a not-quite-new-year since it's February 1, this will be when I become a more regular blogger. I think one of the great things about blogging is that it's an easy way to document memories with a minimal amount of effort. Try as I may, I will never be a scrapbooker. I have great intentions...and I have lots of supplies (from my 6 or so times in my life where I've determined that I AM a scrapbooker, and gone out and wasted money on lots of cute paper and stickers, only to put them all in a giant rubbermaid box in my basement) but I still have only 3 pages of my entire life scrapbooked. I think I should just accept that I'm not going to do it, and move on. Blogging though--way less messy, I don't have to go down the stairs, I don't have to buy anything from Michael's to make it look good, and I don't even have to print off pictures. It's scrapbooking for the lazy and uncreative. Brilliant.