Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The One With All the Snow. And Then More.

I am not a fan of winter. Let's just start right there. I'd be perfectly happy moving away from the 4 seasons to a place where there are only variations of warm, warmer, and hot. And, I'm not one of those people who complain about winter, and then also complain about summer. I love when it's 97 degrees and the sun is blaring down. I don't even complain about humidity most of the time. All that being said, I can appreciate a snowfall as much as the next person. It's very beautiful. It's got a magical quality about it, and I do like the way things slow down. I loved, loved, loved being snowed in with my hubby and my baby when 3 feet of snow fell a few days ago. We stocked up on enough food to feed an entire army of people, I started baking, we rented a pile of movies--the first night of the blizzard our friends even braved the elements to have dinner and watch a movie with us! It's fantastic. And ohhhh how I wish my snowy days blog post would end right there.

But no. Now, 10-20 (um, also, 10-20? Really? That's the best they can do? There's kind of a difference between 10 and 20) more inches are falling, and I am not pleased. I'm tired of all the cold, all the wetness that gets in my shoes, tired of all the moronic drivers.

However, I am keeping in mind that the snow I am cursing a little in my mind now also canceled my husband's trip to Atlanta, and that now I get to enjoy my last week of maternity leave with him!! I am very thankful for a few more days to snuggle up with my boys. After that, though...is it summer??

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