Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welp, another month, and another failed attempt at "regular" blogging. Ohhhh boy. I'm not so good at that. Which sort of surprises me, since I was super good at remembering to update my Xanga (and I'm fairly certain my life was not all that much more interesting in my college years as it is now.)

It was a pretty fun month in our lives--Geoff turned 25, hooray!! It was fun to be married for this birthday, so I could do little things like jumping up and down on the bed at midnight yelling "Happy birthday!! It's your birthday!! You're 25 todayyyyyy!!!" It was super fun. I threw him a little surprise party, his folks took us out to lunch, and then some friends took us out to Chevy's (we are completely addicted to Chevy's salsa...mmmmm) The week after his birthday we went to stay at a little hot tub cottage in Virginia where we relaxed and enjoyed the wonderfulness of not having anything to was great to get away with just the 2 of us. We also got to stop and spend an evening with Kristen, my sister in law that lives in Lynchburg. We got to go out on an awesome double date with her and her boyfriend and it was great to finally see her apartment and her wonderful life :)

I'm very pleased that it's finally March and thus the weather should begin turning soon...I hate winter SOOOOOO much. I'm pretty miserable when it's cold affects my mood, my energy level, everything. Granted, being a newlywed has sorta made this one a little better than all the other ones! Having someone to always cuddle with has done wonders for my temperament :)

I feel like the details of our daily lives really aren't tremendously exciting, and that mayhaps I will begin using it to actually blog thoughts. Yes. I think I shall. But not today. Gotta wake up husband.

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