Tuesday, March 24, 2009


That's right...the newlywed blog has officially become a baby blog! Geoff and I are expecting a little bundle of joy...and since most of the questions we're asked are the same, I thought I'd start of with a little q&a. Here goes nothin!

How far along are you?
Not very!! I'm just 5 weeks along, and we do realize it's still very early to be sharing the news with everyone. Our feeling is that God has already chosen the path we will walk with this new life, and we're excited to be part of whatever it is. We want to share the excitement and joy with everyone, and should something change, we will share that with everyone as well. We're thrilled to have the support and encouragement of so many (Especially those of you who have been pregnant and love sharing your advice! I'm a sponge. Tell me everything!)

When did you find out?
March 17, St Patrick's Day! I was actually sure that the test was going to come out negative, so I waited until Geoff went to work. I took the test, then went back into the kitchen to start baking a cake. 3 minutes later I went to the bathroom, glanced and prepared to see the negative test, as usual (I may have taken a few of these...) Instead, I was staring back at TWO LINES! Needless to say, I never got around to finishing that cake!

How did you tell Geoff?
One of our most favorite episodes of Friends is "The One With the Embryos." There is a scene where Phoebe is hanging upside down on the couch trying to make the implanted embryos "stick" in her uterus, and she sings this song: "Are you in there little fetus? In 9 months will you come greet us? I will buy you some Adidas." I love to sing that little song, and so I immediately went to buy a tiny little pair of infant Adidas, put my preggo tests (yes, I took two) in the shoe box, and drove to Chick-Fil-A for his break. He opened the box, and pulled out the tests..."Are these real??" (Yes, Geoff. You can't buy fake positive pregnancy tests...) "Are they YOURS??" (Um, no. I brought you someone else's pee stick...of course they're mine!) "What does this MEAN??" (It means we're having a baby, sweetheart.) At this point, Geoff began to giggle. So I began to giggle. And we both just sat there, giggling, and unsure of whether or not to believe it!!! It took us about 3 days to get over the shock.

Were you trying?
Such a weird thing. No, we were not "trying." But we also weren't doing much to prevent it. We decided a few months ago to let God decide when we become parents....and he picked now!! We did not expect it this soon (though, scientifically speaking, I guess we should have....) but we are THRILLED. We already can't wait to meet this little person!

When are you due?
November 25, Day before Thanksgiving! (and crazy timing for me--I'm going to miss the whole holiday season at Starbucks! My assistant manager may not top the list of thrilled people...haha.)

Are you hoping for a boy or girl?
BOY!!! all the way.

Have you picked any names?
Samuel Brandon for a boy; Zoey Joy for a girl

How are you feeling?
Exhausted!!! But so far no morning sickness...keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by :)


John and Andrea said...

Congratulations girl!!! I'm so excited for you two!! God bless you on this new journey together as parents! Look forward to reading the blog along the way...take care. Love ya, Andrea

team clark said...

hooray! i'm SOOO happy for you two =D

Heather Nicole said...

girl, you are SO going to be blogging more now that you have Geoff and your baby in your uterus. blogs are made for babies...and sometimes babies are made for blogs, hahaha. its the perfect way to spice up your blog and get more readers, hahaha.
anyway, I'm super proud of you guys and SO happy too. I'm thinking and praying for this "magical time", as our FRIEND rachel once said(can you name the episode..."your hands will get bigger, your feet will get bigger... you butt will get bigger...its just such a magical time) love ya!

also, my "word verification" is: billyzab.
I feel strongly that it should be considered as a name for your unborn baby. but "only if its a girl". the FRIENDS quotes just wont stop(that's one sam and I say a lot somehow).

M. Mcgough said...

Yeay! New Mommy blogger! There is a whole community of us out there I will have to introduce you. :-) I always wanted a Boy too. His name was to be Hadden. But at about the two month mark I suddenly knew I was wanted a girl and that's how I knew what gender The Girl was. I Knew we were expecting a boy the second time around long before the Ultra-sound confirmed it.

Rebecca said...

First, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Second, a hearty congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!! Holla!

We have much in common as I found out I'm expecting on March 13th! I'm due Nov.14th. This will be my third.

Looking forward to getting to know you better!

ps. I'm here thanks to Homegrown Strawberries.
pps. I love your "how you found out and told your hubby you were prego story." Too cute.