Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogging...from the boy.

Actual conversation from the Wards today:

Me: Babe! There's new pics of Liam up today! (disclaimer: I sort of freakishly stalk your blog, Clement Crew, on account of the fact that your baby is the cutest boy I've ever seen. I also may, or may not, have watched the video of him laughing every day for the past week or so. )
Him: Maybe one day you should make our blog good, too.
Me: Have you ever even looked at our blog?
Him: Once.
Me: Ok, babe. You write this one. Tell me what to type about our lives.
Him: Ok. You should say, ok everyone. We've been really sick this week. Geoff has the squirts and poops water, and Ashley throws up a lot.
Me: Ok. I typed it. What next?
Him: Ummm....well. We're really in love and that I took care of you when you were sick, and you took care of me when I was sick....and...uhhh...the end.
Me: So...pretty easy to make this interesting, huh?
Him: Look, I already told you I didn't read this thing.

Sooooo, basically, that's pretty much what's been going on. Geoff started having stomach issues on Sunday night and is STILL having them...I came down with some sort of bug on Tuesday and spent 2 days being pretty miserable. I am on quite the upswing now; we're still waiting to see what Geoff's tummy wants him to do. That's been the most exciting thing of late.

We both survived holiday pretty well, and thoroughly enjoyed our first Christmas and New Year as a married couple! It was busy, especially for Geoff as he raked in the holiday overtime at the mall but I was really proud of how hard he worked and still kept his ever positive and optimistic spirit. We also got fish!! We love them. It's fun to have something to take care of together. Geoff's still doin well at school, although not enjoying this round of classes NEARLY as much as the last round. He learns much better with discussion instead of lecture, and this one's been ALL lecture. It's cute, though, he gets on facebook and sends me messages about how desperately bored he is. I'm hoping the next one starting in a few weeks will be better for him. I can't really explain how proud I am of him for doing full time school AND work and still making me a priority. He's balancing life well. And I'm so thankful =)

I've begun my internship at the pregnancy clinic...only one night so far but it's going pretty well. Slightly more nervewracking than I'd anticipated. I mean we practiced a lot with our forms and stuff in the training class...but somehow it's a little more scary when you're actually dropping someone's pee on a stick knowing you are quite possibly about to change their lives forever. Also my philosophy seems a little different than some of the people in the clinic but we'll see how it goes. It's been a great experience so far and I'm really looking forward to getting more involved.

All in all we're living a pretty ridiculously happy life over here. We laugh entirely more than normal people. We are way too affectionate in public. And we're way too annoying on each other's facebook walls. But we're so super happy that we couldn't care less! We've also had a great time continuing to develop relationships with our friends, especially my coworkers. God's been really gracious in providing us with some really strong friendships and lots of laughter and good times. God's really been reminding me lately of his goodness, despite circumstances and despite our feelings. I'm being continually reminded of his faithfulness, especially in looking at the places he draws us out of and the places he sets us back up again. Amazing love...

Me: Sweetie, I'm about done. Anything else you wanted to add?
Him: Seriously? More?
Me: You can't even think of something to wrap it up with?
Him: Ummm...stay classy San Diego.

....And thanks for stopping by.

.....But mostly, stay classy.

(movie? Anyone? for a's in our profile, under our favorite movies.)


Heather Nicole said...

check it: Anchorman. Classic.

wow, such an honor to be mentioned on another blog! You said such flattering, and true, things about Liam. Thanks for spreading the happiness. He really is freakishly adorable.

I am so glad you posted. I much prefer stalking you here then on FB. It just seems more civilized this way.

Keep on huggin and kissin! It's healthy. and classy.

team clark said...

so, mrs. ward. where is your starbucks, exactly? i may be in need of your assistance... =)

p.s. it is SO kind of you to offer that!!!

Bethany Blanchard Coleman said...

nice subtle clue, there, hobucks. :D miss you!

team clark said...


my app says i'm not available tuesday nights, but i can be. so tuesday i'm available open to close.


Heather Nicole said...