Friday, June 4, 2010

The One with All the Sleepiness

I'd first like to thank all the moms of more than one child that listened to my whining when I was pregnant with Sam. Because for real--what else did I have to do but nap?? For some reason I remember feeling like there was all this stuff to do, and I was always "sooo tired" and stuff, and looking back, I'm thinking, "WHAT!? I had NOTHING to do!!" Haha, long gone are the days of the daily naps, the days off spent lounging in my pjs. Having another baby while growing a baby definitely adds a different dynamic to things. But I think overall, I'm being much better in my attitude this pregnancy. I'm not going to lie--I don't enjoy being pregnant. I just don't. I am not a fan of the sickness, the tiredness, the lack of control over my body (and eventually, my bladder as well....oh sweet things to come....) However, having been through it, and seen what wonderful amazingness it produces, I'm feeling much more grateful for it this time around. There just aren't words that can explain how much we love those little people that we get to be parents to, and now that I understand that, I am much more excited to experience the pregnancy part of things. I'm curious to see if this little one will be a crazy little fetus like Sam, or if maybe this little one is our laid back baby :) (Hint to belly: Please, please, PLEASE be our laid back baby!) It might also have something to do with the fact that this pregnancy seems to be FLYING by for me. We found out we were pregnant at about 3 weeks (even though I thought I was over 5 weeks at that point!! Seriously--long cycle, people.) and with Sam I felt like those first few weeks just went by SOOOO slowly. But here we are at almost 11 weeks and I can barely remember where any of those weeks have gone! I feel like it's going to be December in no time at all!
So for now, I'm just plugging along, excited to hopefully experience a second trimester burst of energy (and maybe no more puking!!) And trying to take a nap every now and then :P


M. Mcgough said...

rest when you can! but I am sure you know that. :-) I am so excited and a little envious of you. Maybe some day... Keep us updated I need to know how I can pray for you.

Happy said...

Noah was nine months old when I got pregnant with Caroline and all I can say is I feel ya!

It is something to behold, though, when you have that baby in your arms, huh?!

Here's to a burst of energy and a few good naps inbetween!