Saturday, June 12, 2010

The One With the Six Month Old

I want to start being better at documenting some of Sam's life. I'm not the most organized Mom, so right now he has no baby book he'll get to read, and I like the idea of something to look back on and remember. So here's some fun stuff about our little SIX month old!!
He is such a happy, happy little fellow. He has a big ol' grin that he loves to flash anytime his mom and dad or grandma's are around. If you are a man though, watch out--he will probably cry at you. He is just now starting some separation anxiety and gets upset sometimes if new people try to hold him. He sleeps about 11 hours every night, but is starting to do some closer to 12 hour stretches--yay!! Naps are hit or miss--every other day he takes all naps less than an hour, then he'll take some two hour naps the next day. He usually can't stay up longer than about 2 hours without needing a nap.
No solid foods for this boy yet--we're trying to hold off because of how early he was and he had so many digestive issues. Luckily, he has improved so much since he was born and is on NO more medications, goes #2 on a regular basis, and can have regular (and by regular, I mean Costco brand) formula. Yay for saving lots of $$$--his sensitive formula was crazy expensive! He LOVES his exersaucer and a floor mat that he kicks his little feet at. His favorite song is "You are My Sunshine" except that I change the words to "You are My Sammy." He thinks it's so funny. He also has this funny new habit of liking to suck on my face. He grabs it in both of his hands and then latches on and gets slobber everywhere--so gross, but too cute to stop! He also loves to touch his Daddy's face, I think because he has some facial hair. He still loves to talk and coo at us and has recently started laughing. He hasn't quite mastered rolling from his back to front yet, but he is SO close. He also isn't really much interested in crawling yet, but it's early yet. He's got time. He also loves going for walks in his jogging stroller because he can sit up like a big boy!
Overall he is a healthy, happy little man and we love him more every day!! He is sweet and just the happiest thing in our whole lives. I can't believe it keeps getting more fun--I can't wait for the next 6 months :)

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