Friday, October 2, 2009

The One With Things NOT to Say to Your Pregnant Wife

First, let me assure you--my husband is wonderful, amazing, supportive, and I love him dearly. He has been phenomenal to go through pregnancy with, and I fall more in love and am more thankful for him every single day.


Actual conversation in our home yesterday.

"Hey, Ashley. Did you use two different machines today at the gym, or just the one?"
"I was just on the one treadmill the whole time. Why?"
"Oh. Well. From downstairs, I thought I saw you, but then I looked over at another machine, and that looked like you too. But then I realized I think it was actually just this fat old lady."
::Jaw Drop:: " WHY on EARTH would you tell me that story?? If you mistake me for a fat old lady, you keep it to yourself!!"

At this point, he realizes how ridiculous what he is saying is, both of us are laughing hysterically, and he says. "Look, you're my best friend. Can't you just be happy I tell you everything??" More laughing...and such is my life.

All this from a man who one night accidently called me "fat head." (I may or may not have referred to our unborn child as fat head first. But that's completely beside the point....)

I hope you all get to live with someone as funny as I do :D


M. Mcgough said...

many :-) and giggles here. I had to read this one to my hubby when he wanted to know why I was laughing.

Katie Fleming said...

Pj and I had a good laugh at this! Haha -- and don't worry... we don't think you look like a fat old lady.

Here's my story for the week! So after my dr tells me at the appointment that I've gained more weight than I need to and should be careful, we go to get coffee at Starbucks. Pj wants to spring clean the house and get rid of anything we won't use again. So he says, "Why don't we go ahead and throw most of your pre preggo clothes away since you probably won't be able to wear them again!"

Yeah, busted!!! We totally should write a book called "Husbands Bloopers: Things Our Husbands Shouldn't Say to Us While We're Pregnant.... Or Ever Really!"