Thursday, October 15, 2009

The One With My Lack of Packing

Soo, if you were due to have a baby in about 12 weeks, and you knew you were moving in about 3 weeks, would you be packing like crazy and and cleaning, getting ready for the big day? If you answered yes, please come over to my apartment. Right now. Because I'm watching a Friends DVD, tearing store bought biscuit dough into pieces and throwing it into my crock pot so I can call them "dumplings" and researching places to give birth.

Wait, what? I'm about into my third trimester. Shouldn't I know where I'm giving birth? Why, yes. I should. Let's talk about that.

I love my doctor. I really, really, really love him. He's wonderful. But he works in a gross hospital. Maybe it's not actually gross, but it feels gross. And the people aren't that nice. And it's in the city, and so are rats. I don't like cities, or rats, or family waiting rooms where the lampshades have been hacked up with pocket knives. So I was willing to sacrifice all of my own comfort (as well as the money it costs to PARK. when you're a patient. I won't ever not be bitter about that. Do you understand what I'm going in there to do? And you're going to CHARGE me to leave my car here?) because I love my doctor so much. Then, I started hearing about what doctors actually do in labor...that is, catch the baby on his way out. I'm tellin you what, by the time I'm dilated, and pushing, I couldn't care less who is on the other end of the bed to catch him. Whoever, whatever. So, I would like to not be in that gross hospital. This means, though, that I have to change doctors. At this point, that's ok with me...I feel very nervous and uncomfortable when I think about giving birth at Mercy, and I feel not scared and anxious when I think about giving birth somewhere else. That, to me, says more than enough.

So, now I need to figure out what I'm doing. I think my first choice right now is going through a birth center midwife at the hospital in Annapolis. I'm going to take a tour there soon. Second choice is the new maternity ward at Baltimore Washington and we're taking a tour there this weekend. So, we'll see. Nothing like making decisions last minute!! Also, my glucose test is next week...ohhhh joy.

In other news, house things are progressing. We don't actually close the 7th...we have to close BY the 7th. And we close as soon as our paperwork goes through. Like, potentially by the end of this month. Yikes!

I for real should be packing.

Other things to do this month: paint something cool on my belly for Halloween.

The end.


M. Mcgough said...

I LOVED Annapolis, just saying it was great.

Heather Nicole said...

I'm praying for wisdom and peace about this decision. Its a toughie, for sure. I feel like it's a lot like picking a new venue for your wedding 12 weeks before the big day--after all, you want it to be just perfect. but after it all happens, you won't really care where it happened or what happened that day, just as long as you are a family at the end of it all. there's no wrong choice, just what ever brings you peace and joy going into it. :) You are going to do great!

Anonymous said...

Two you won't care who is on the catching end. I didn't even see the doctor on rotation who was also not the doctor I had been seeing for 7 months through the pregnancy.

Also...I know how it is to move when you're pregnant. I was at the end of my first trimester. HARD. Anyway, I'm feeling almost 100% so I want to come and help you. I'm serious. Give me a call or send me a message. No joke. Do it. I'll pack and clean and you can hold Clare. said...

First, let me say that if I were you I too would be watching Friends and ripping up biscuits. That is way more fun thank packing. And my hubby and I are procrastinators. HUGE ones. So, feel no pressure. It'll get done. Besides your preggo and you know the whole world will come knocking at your door to help the poor preggo girl who has to move out of her house in 24 hrs and hasn't packed a thing.

As for the hospital. I don't think your too late. You have 3 months. Do the tours, pray about it, it'll be worth it and hey, it's not like the week before.

I loved Annapolis for all three. Can't say much about my docs, but my nurses were great and they are the ones who are by your side for the duration. You are right, the docs just come in at the end to collect the bill.

Susan said...

I found you from Life at the Circus. I am the craft coordinator at SP MOPS. I don't think we have actually met yet though. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I had my son at AAMC delivered by one of the midwives at Bay Area Midwifery and it was a wonderful experience! Much better than when I had an OB at another hospital with my daughter. I too went hunting around for a new practice while pregnant with my son. You will know the right place when you find it.