Monday, June 29, 2009

The One With the Lime

So....12 weeks is way more fun than all the other weeks. I'm *almost* like a real person again. I say *almost* because pregnancy makes me sort of mean and grouchy. Must be something with all the hormones. Also, it's mostly when I'm at work and people are driving me nuts (by doing completely normal things, mind you. It just irritates me more than usual.) Sometimes I don't even realize it. Yesterday, one of my employees went to the bathroom, but I didn't know where he went. After 10 minutes (yeah. it was a #2 break, apparently) I asked my assistant if he knew where said employee had gone. He very innocently asked, "Did you ask him to go do something?" The beast within me rose up and snarled, "If I had ASKED him to do something, don't you think I might KNOW where he was and not be asking YOU about it? I'm NOT retarded, ok??" I also may have freaked out one morning about a misplaced broom. I don't think anyone knows quite what to do with me.

Despite my grumpiness at work, though, I am so so so much happier this week than the previous months have been. I am finally keeping down all my food, and am feeling way more energy and just feeling more like ME. I'm starting to show, which is pretty nifty. I've actually been asked by a stranger if I'm pregnant (which was dangerous. But I'm glad she asked...) so that was my official confirmation that it actually looks like a baby bump! Nugget is lime sized right now and has reflexes and is squirming--but of course I can't feel it yet. Only 6 more weeks til our sonogram!! For now though, I am out of words and I am off to eat 12 freezy pops. So long :)


Sydney McFearless said...

Hahaha I love you, Ashley, Mama Lime. You are so much fun and bring me such joy! :)

M. Mcgough said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and I totally sympathies both with the grouchiness and the knowledge that you are behaving strangely. that was the weirdest part for me knowing I was acting oddly but not being able to do much to change it.

Heather Nicole said...

I still remember the first time someone recognized I was pregnant--it was this little old asian woman, total stranger, who came right up to me a put her hands on my tum/baby and said, "you will have a boy?" I thought the same thing, "that was risky, but kinda nice too."
sometimes it's fun to be pregnant.

Happy said...

Just wait, dear because weeks 13 and 14 should have you feeling terrific! I'm so so so glad you are beginning to feel like your old self, though! Yay!!!!

I snap out at people daily...the belly allows one to get away with sooooo much! Yay!!!!

Are you going to find out what Nugget is at your sonogram?