Thursday, May 28, 2009

The One With All the Shopping

So, on a typical day, if I went to the grocery store, this is what you'd see on my receipt:

Green Beans
Carrot Sticks
Whole Wheat Bread
Chicken Breasts

After finding out that I'm pregnant, I'd like to share with you today's shopping purchases:

Easy Mac (that's right. not even the actual box mix. EASY MAC)
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
Cream Cheese
Soft Pretzels

Wow. It's like I'm a bachelor! I've been having some trouble with that Nugget doesn't like much of what I like. Sometimes, I get crazy weird ideas about what I'd like to eat (ie, crabcakes, chinese, panera cream cheese...) and sometimes it's just super bland carbs that do the trick. I never know. Most of it doesn't stay down anyways, so eh. Luckily, I had a doctors appointment today and since I've been losing weight he gave me some anti-puking medicine that I can start taking. Hurrah! I love my doctor a lot. So much so, that I've made a big decision. I've been all about going natural and doing this through a midwifery and even considered a home birth. But today, I realized how lucky I am to have a doctor that I trust. It's such a huge blessing that I decided it'd be silly to go somewhere else. I'm going to deliver at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore under the care of my dr, who fully supports the idea of going natural. Hurrah! I'm glad to have that decision made. I thought about still going to look at Special Beginnings, etc...but the one thing I love is knowing that my doctor will deliver my baby. Not whichever midwife is on duty. So, I've gotta research a lot and figure out what I definitely do/don't want out of my experience. 

I'm 8 weeks along (welllll 8 weeks tomorrow.) And I find it hilarious that I've lost weight, since my hips and stomach have grown and my boobs are absolutely enormous. I bought a new dress at Wal-mart 2 weeks ago. I put it on Sunday morning, looked in the mirror, and realized it wasn't fit to be seen in public anymore, thanks to my chest. Pregnancy is so weird! 


bedbyday said...

You probably only have a couple more weeks of being sick. HOld on girl! HOLD ON! - val

M. Mcgough said...

It is weird, and totally normal at the same time that is the defining feeling of both my pregnancies. above everything else the whole time I felt really weird and perfectly normal or perfect right might be a better word.

Rebecca said...

I have so much to say....

First, your boobs have only just begun. Mine are downright SCANDALOUS. Good grief I could make a living doing some less than dignified things if it weren't for my morals and my stomach. Ha!

I'm so glad you got some anti puking pills and hope you see some relief with those. I've never had them so I can't really say if they've ever worked or not.

Your shopping list is hilarious...welcome to pregnancy in the first trimester! I always thought it was really funny when I would buy something weird and then not eat it cause the craving would pass and I'd look in the cupboard and think, 'What made me buy that?'

Natural birth, huh? God love you, my interwebby friend. I'm hitting up the needle of fun as soon as I walk into the hospital. I'm a weakling.

I did it natural once...I'll spare you the details.

You can do it, though. Practice your breathing. Have you thought about a water birth? Those intrigue me...

Well, sorry for the short novella. Gotta run!

WHen's the new due date???

Heather Nicole said...

I'm so glad to hear they are giving you the drugs for the nausea, and I'm praying they work out great. Losing weight during pregancy is not fun, or easy on your body. Gradual weight gain is the ideal--not weight loss then rapid gaining during the last few weeks(like me...). Your grocery list rocks, by the way. and it in no way reminds me of the one where the babies want meat. ;) Looks like nugget already had the taste buds of a 6yr old. That rocks.

Also I am super excited that your doctor gets to deliver your baby! I am super DE duper jealous that you have such a great doctor who is so nice to you. It's like, he cares. I really wonder what that is like :) Anyway, that's just one less thing you will worry about, and one more thing that will make your delivery experience aMazing. So yay!

Marine Momma said...

LUCKY! My boobs never grew. :( Glad you are feeling a little better.