Monday, September 29, 2008

Fireproof and beyond...

So it's now been 2 months since we started our journey together! We're still loving every second--each day keeps getting more and more fun as we develop our own routine and are finding out new things about each other. Luckily, our work schedules line up perfectly and we get to enjoy most evenings together and have been filling them up! We're usually pretty busy, but we're loving it. We're in the process of trying to find a small group at our church and are trying to work through scheduling issues and finding where we belong. Church is probably the most exciting thing going for us right now--we're in the middle of a sermon series called "Getting Out of Stuck" and it's been amazing! We're learning about ways to keep our spiritual growth on an incline and ways to encourage each other both as we grow spiritually as a couple and as individuals. We're touching on issues like community, personal growth, and intimacy with God. We're both really excited about continuing to learn. We are also loving our time volunteering at the espresso bar at church-Geoff is determined to perfect "latte art" and make pretty pictures with the foam and espresso shots. We'll be sure and post some pictures if he gets good!

This weekend marked our first road trip as a married couple! We went down to see my best friend Jill in Virginia Beach as a surprise for her birthday. She was shocked to see us...but even more shocked when she got engaged on Saturday! I've been working with her boyfriend (now fiance!) to help him put together some surprises and he did an amazing job of planning for her. They are SO in love and so happy and I'm thrilled for them as they plan their wedding.

One of our favorite times in the past month was going to see a movie together. We got to go (for free!) to see a sneak preview of the movie "Fireproof." It's out in theaters now, but we saw it a few weeks ago and we LOVED it. It follows a man and a woman who are on the brink of divorce and shows the man begin to pursue the woman...on the way discovering that he can never love her without God's love first. It is slightly cliche in some ways (the man struggles with pornography; the woman with an emotional affair...) but is such a story of redemption. It also presents the gospel far more blatantly than I ever would have expected to see in Hollywood. Instead of sidestepping the truth or using vague phrases about a "spirit of love" or whatever, the movie openly claims Jesus as the only way to save all sinners. If this movie stays in theaters and gets a lot of press, it could be an amazing testimony. We HIGHLY recommend everyone see it--especially married people!

Other than that, we're just pluggin along, living life, and loving each other. Life's so completely wonderful right now and we LOVE being married. It's pretty much the most fun thing in the entire world.

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