Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The basics

Hey everyone!

In an effort to keep everyone updated on our wonderfully exciting lives (ha...) especially the people we don't see all the time, we decided to start a blog to keep everyone in the loop! Most likely it will probably be me (Ashley) who types everything, but hey, we're one now. I speak for us both =)

We've been married for one month as of yesterday. It's amazing how fast the time has flown by and how quickly we've settled into our new life. We absolutely love our new apartment and living together. Logistically speaking, it's just great to not have to meet up after work and constantly meeting to pick up each others cars, etc. Plus it's just fantastic to have our best friend there when we wake up in the morning...and most of our nights are spent giggling together until we fall asleep.

Our two favorite things to do are cooking together and working out together. So far we've had a lot of delicious dinners (we're perfecting an amazing spaghetti sauce, as well as the worlds greatest turkey burger) and we make time almost every day to hit the gym--we're training for a 10 mile race on October 25 so we've got a lot of work ahead of us.

Speaking of work, the big news of the week is my promotion. I'm now Store Manager of Starbucks Governor's Plaza...a huge increase in responsibility, but it comes with a raise and I'm excited for the opportunity. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition!

Overall we're even happier than we ever thought we'd be. We're really busy and spend tons of time hanging out and catching up with friends, plus we're getting more involved in our awesome church (Bay Area Community) so life is nuts but we love it!

Thanks for stopping in--feel free to check back in and see how we're doing!

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