Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The One With My Funny Baby

I love my baby so much. Like seriously, because Nugget is my child and it's one of those natural things, but beyond that, I have a funny child. Nugget likes to play tricks. The making me think I'm better and then making me puke again isn't as funny as the trick this week.

Our 15 week appointment was Tuesday. For those who haven't had babies, these pre-natal appointments are booorrrrriiinnnnggg. Literally, they last 15 minutes. We sit in the office where my doctor makes comments (or jokes) about my weight. He made serious comments when I lost for the first trimester, but when I'd gained 5 pounds this time he made jokes. (Also, note to self: don't schedule weigh ins right after a vacation in which you devoured fried seafood, ice cream, AND Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake your wonderful hosts brought you home in exchange for playing with their angelic child. Let me tell you, not even close to a fair trade. We win, all around.) Then he discusses my health, asks if I have any questions, and asks if Geoff has any questions. After that, we go to listen to the heartbeat. Usually, it takes about twenty seconds. Doppler goes on my belly, we hear a loud heartbeat which is mine, scoot the doppler down, and then there it is!! Very quick, which is good for a wussy mom and dad who get really nervous during this part.

Tuesday, all is well. I lay down, he puts the doppler on. Nothing. Moves it around...nothing. Presses harder. Nothing. Up, down, left, right, jabbing my entire abdomen and below. Nothing. This goes on for 2 minutes, and we are sufficiently FREAKED OUT. Then, the doctor moves the doppler down, presses as hard as he can and says, "Oh! Found it! Right behind the pubic bone!" We listen to the semi-faint but fast beat, and he tries to get Nugget to move, but Nugget absolutely refused to budge. Which is odd, because usually he is wiggly. I thought this was funny. My kid has already found the only place at this age that he can hide and freak us out. I can't wait til August 6--that is Baby Sex Day!! Also, I'm nervous, since it's Baby, Are You Growing Normally? Day. But I'm hoping the excitement will take over and leave me no time for anxiousness.

Until next time, I'm off to eat a giant bowl of rice. Mmmm.


Heather Nicole said...

I think we should rename it "Sex of Baby" Day--just to avoid confusion ;)

I'm so glad to hear the appointment went well! They are boring, but there's nothing quite as reassuring as hearing that heartbeat (even the beat of a prankster). Although, I was thinking about it, and you might take that as a sign that Nugget is a good sleeper. Nugget may well have been napping when poked and prodded (they often do nap during such visits). So I say that Nugget is going to be a champ at sleeping. ::wishing happy sleeping thoughts into your womb::

M. Mcgough said...

What a Kid! I NEVER thought about them checking the kid out during the sonogram, mostly because no one told me they would do that... so I was able to just put it out of my mind. Hope your sleepy prankster cooperates and does not make you lie on your side for 20 min after drinking coffee so that he moves and you can get a good look at his spine and face like my little man, but then again My guys father hates his picture being taken too.